About Battery Point Solutions

Battery Point Solutions (BPS) was founded in 2018 by a small group of entrepreneurs whose goals include:

  • Exploring and vetting various business concepts
  • Creating useful platforms and services
  • Building a community of like-minded venturists
  • Launching profit-driven ventures under the BPS umbrella

The founders of Battery Point Solutions originally came together in 2015 to explore strategies for reducing energy costs in Del Norte County, including the exploration of various corporate structures geared towards the creation of a public utility.

Now, Battery Point Solutions seeks to launch its own set of business enterprises while simultaneously serving the community.

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Bringing like-minded venturists and investors together.


Investigating and vetting various strategies and business platforms.


Developing multi-faceted strategies for problem resolution.


Utilizing resources to build enterprises, platforms and solutions.

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It is only through our positive thinking, where problems have been replaced by challenges, that we can act to create the forces which will lead us to the solutions.

Ali Anthony Bell

In a maze, every step is wasted that does not lead out of the maze.

Marty Rubin