Decentralized Services Network

The Decentralized Services Network serves two purposes:


  • Allows independent tradesmen and servicemen to list and promote their products to the public.
  • Creates a “safety-net” network for the community to facilitate the exchange of goods and services in times of emergency or crisis.

We aim to compile a comprehensive catalog with all participating members and indexed, searchable listings of all of their products and services. Members of the community will be able to tap into these resources whenever a need or demand should arise.

We emphasize the drive to incorporate those who are growing and selling food, and any other products that would be directly related to meeting the basic needs of members during times of emergency.

There may come a time when citizens are locked out of the economy for a variety of reasons, including medical condition, vaccination status, political affiliation, and potentially any other criteria. We hope that this network will serve as a redundant solution for such scenarios, and will the provide the framework to ensure that every member can acquire the necessary supplies and services to conduct their lives.










Help the Community

By participating in the Decentralized Services Network, you are helping the community by expanding the economic resources available to our members. You are also providing much needed emergency protections.




Expand Your Profits

By listing your products and services on our network you will be exposed to a larger audience, connected with a range of potential customers and clients, and engaging with community feedback.




Register in the Catalog

If you have a product, good, or service that you want to list in our catalog, please take the time to register.








Participate in the Forum

Share your products and services in our forums and network with various members of the community.

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Join the Discord Server

Tap into our Discord community and spread word of your services to a broader audience.






Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or you would like to help Battery Point Solutions spread awareness of our platform, please contact us.

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