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The purpose of the Mutual Homeschool Network is to assist families with the transition in becoming a homeschooler. By pooling inforation and resources in one location, we hope to better arm parents with tools for education.

We aim to grow this homeschooling community and tap into as much teaching experience and as many resources and approaches to home education as possible–all under the same umbrella.

The public education system has become a treacherous minefield for both students and parents to navigate. The education system that was built to serve the public has now been weaponized against the people–aggressively pushing global Marxism, Critical Race Theory, vaccine and mask mandates–all without the consent or oversight of students and parents.

Conscientious families who are aware of the current politcal landscape in education have become fed up and are taking action. For many, this is the act of bringing children back under the protective and mindful wing of their parents and enacting a homeschool routine.

Homeschooling one’s children can be a daunting proposition. It is a commitment that requires one to reorganize one’s life, reacquire the mindset and skillset of the classroom, and take an active role in the information and the values to be consumed by the students. It is an exciting opportunity, but not one to be taken lightly.

The decision of whether or not to homeschool no longer has to be a difficult choice. You are not alone. Let us work together to build and protect the future that our children will inherit.

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Building the Network: How You Can Help

  • The best way to help is to contribute to our Homeschool Forum. Share your questions, ideas, concerns, failures, successes, books and materials and any other information or stories related to homeschooling that you may have. The larger our community, and the more information and discourse available, the more advantages we harness for homeschoolers.
  • In the interest of building our community, the next way to assist us is to make others aware of our presence. Please spread the word of our website to fellow homeschoolers and mainline educators alike, as well as other members of the community that would like to communicate on our forums.
  • We aso wish to address the peripheral challenges with homeschooling: providing playtime, sports, and social time with other children; fieldtrips; integrating work skills into educational routines; locating educational supplies; reviewing books and education materials, and much more. You are greatly encouraged to share any experience or insights you may have on these or related issues.

Step 1:
Reach Out

Contact your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, community members, and those in your social media networks. Encourage them to register with our website and participate in our forums. The larger our community, the more potential it has.

Upon request, we can also provide Battery Point Solutions business cards and flyers to assist in driving more community members and interested parties to the website.

Step 2:

Tap into our growing community, build relationships, get answers to questions, explain your position on particular platforms, and bring your own solutions to the table. We build solutions by working together and sharing information along the way.

Networking leads to solutions. By reinforcing one another, we are laying the framework for our children’s future. 

Step 3:
Organize and Build

Bigger communities lead to larger-scale solutions. Once enough people are involved, we can organize to address the various social needs of our children, from field trips, to dances, to sports. 

With enough resources at our disposal, Battery Point Solutions may be able to publish and distribute its own educational materials for future generations of homeschoolers.



Stay Active!

Keep the community alive and thriving by participating and sharing!

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