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Elon Musk Challenges UN Over Child Abuse Sex Scandal

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China Tests New Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missile That Circled Entire Globe at Low-Orbit

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Newsom Bans Small Gas Engines: Now 50,000 Businesses Need ‘Green’ Equipment that Costs Twice as Much

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China Urges Citizens to Stockpile Food in Preparation For Potential Winter Supply Chain Breakdown

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FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

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Federal court halts Calif. law banning free speech outside vax clinics

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DeSantis Reveals New Police Unit to Pursue Election Crime, Reveals What’s Waiting for First Person Caught by the Force

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Missouri and Ohio Terminate National School Boards Association Membership Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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Ransack the history of revolutions, and it will be found that every fall of a regime has been presaged by a defiance which went unpunished. It is as true today as it was ten thousand years ago that a Power from which the magic virtue has gone out, falls.

Bertrand De Jouvenel



There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.

Joseph Pulitzer