Covid-19 Resources

An organized and updated index of Covid-19 resources to assist in making informed decisions regarding one’s health, as well as alternative approaches to treatment.

Covid-19 Treatment Resources

Making Covid-19 personal treatment decisions in the face of mounting social and government pressures can be difficult. One should consider and research all available options. 

Here you will find a list of Covid-19 treatment alternatives and how to acquire them.


Covid-19 Studies

No science is settled. Our understanding of disease is an ever-evolving discipline–one that is continually modified and updated as new data becomes available.

Read various studies from around the world on Covid-19, treatments, and vaccines.


Covid-19 Legal Resources

Pressures are mounting in society regarding vaccinations and mask mandates. In many cases, people’s essential, natural rights are being violated and they are being denied constitutional processes.

If you or someone you know is facing questionable or difficult circumstances, please take advantage of our legal resources.


Covid-19 News

Every day there are massive developments across the world regarding Covid-19.

Stay up-to-date and engage in the debate!

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The Spartacus Letter

A very thorough and in-depth letter written by an anonymous source known only as “Spartacus” addressing the realities of Covid-19, including both government and health industry responses to the issue.



Covid-19 Links

Other Covid-19 related resources and links.




Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

William O Douglas



The first task of the doctor is … political: the struggle against disease must begin with a war against bad government. Man will be totally and definitively cured only if he is first liberated…

Michel Foucault