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Genetically Modified Beef Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

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The FDA just approved cattle that are genetically modified using the CRISPR system as safe for consumption by humans.


From the article:


The cattle, known as PRLR-SLICK, were the first to receive an FDA “low-risk determination for enforcement discretion” after the agency determined the intentional genomic alteration (IGA) of the two genome-edited cattle does not raise any safety concerns.


Produced by Acciligen with climate change in mind, the cows have a genetic trait that gives them a short, sleek coat which is said to help the animals cope with hot weather more effectively. The FDA’s low-risk determination means the agency does not expect Acciligen, a “precision breeding” company, to seek regulatory approval before marketing products from the cattle.


Recently, the FDA has also approved genetically modified pigs and salmon for human consumption.

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Posted : 21/05/2022 9:54 pm



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