SADS in Australia
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SADS in Australia

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Australian officials are now warning that their population is suffering chronic cases of SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Healthy, young adults are dying at an alarming rate, and officials have no explanation. Authorities are instructing the population to get regular assessments of heart health, as the majority of these deaths have been cardiovascular in nature, with numerous cases of myocarditis being blamed.


Myocarditis is a documented side-effect of the Covid-19 vaccine, as reported by Israeli scientists:


Rapid Degenerative Brain Disease is also a documented side-effect of the vaccine:


Meanwhile, elites at the Wold Economic Forum tout this vaccine as "one of the most profitable products ever":


Despite the risks and excessive deaths being reported, these very same people--our rulers and medical authories--plan on chipping you for compliance:


How long until SADS becomes a front-line issue in the United States? What creative and despotic solutions will our noble leaders bring to the table?

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