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LGBTDocuments Reveal Kindergarteners Being Forced To Learn About Transgenderism

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Rather than teach your children skills to help them in the economy, they teach this instead, and then lie about it:


How effective are your children going to be as adults in the workplace when they are being spoonfed this propaganda?


Posted : 17/11/2021 6:53 pm



A guide, on finding a man who has lost his way, brings him back to the right path—he does not mock and jeer at him and then take himself off. You also must show the unlearned man the truth, and you will see that he will follow. But so long as you do not show it to him, you should not mock, but rather feel your own incapacity.





Do not rely on following the degree of understanding that you have discovered, but simply think, “This is not enough”.

Tsunetomo Yamamoto