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Aaron Guzman
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Greetings everyone!

I am Aaron Guzman, the founder of Battery Point Solutions and the creator of this website. Please share your stories, concerns, and solutions with us.


If you experience any issues or problems using this website or its forums, please report these in the "Contact" forum listed below.


Welcome to the community!

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Posted : 14/10/2021 6:55 pm
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I am Jaime Yarbrough, Del Norte/Crescent City resident, originally from Smith River (1952-1972.) USAF Vet (active 4 yrs. ELINT TSCW, active Res. Acft. Maint. C141-C-5B; 17yrs), musician, ERAU DB/FL Class of '79 CMEL-I, CDI programming, HAZMAT Specialist, 30 years in SF Bay Area, Dale Carnegie Grad assistant, last occupation marine salvage. Returned to CC 2008. Current President DN Amateur Radio Club, President Del Norte Mushroom Club (FB), science contributor to Crescent City times (dot com). VP Special Projects -National Space Society SF/Genesis chapter, and VP Tall Trees Ventures.


Posted : 17/10/2021 2:49 am
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Hello, everyone, My name is Josephine Fericano. I've been a Del Norte resident for nine years. I'm originally from Yreka, the heart of the State of Jefferson. I am currently self employed as a landscaper, secretary to Tall Trees ventures, chef, as well as a dedicated mother. My son is almost six months old and I love my family with all my heart. I have joined Battery Point Solutions because I am concerned as to where our community is headed. We live in  unprecedented and difficult times, and I would like to be a part of the revolution that will hopefully change our community for the better. 

Posted : 03/11/2021 7:58 pm



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