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Preparing for Economic Lock-Outs

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Unless a person is completely self-sufficient, they will always remain vulnerable to manipulation through supply chains. The average person utterly depends on local resources such as grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and utilities. Without access to most of this infrastructure, most people would be doomed.

But what happens if there is an emergency scenario and these services are not available?

What happens when this infrastructure is weaponized against the common citizen? What happens when you become banned from local grocery stores because you are unvaccinated? What happens when Amazon denies you delivery services because you did not upload a current vaccine passport? What happens when your pediatrician refuses your child a life-critical prescription because they had their 14th booster shot, but not their 15th? What happens when local utility companies shut off your power and water because you posted the wrong comment on Facebook, or because you voted for the wrong political candidate?

Enter the Decentralized Services Network. The purpose of this network is to help people survive and continue to operate economically, even when faced with lock-outs from the economy. One of the primary goals of the network is to provide people the ability to procure the items and services required to stay alive, including food, water, heating, power, medicine, and medical treatment. Each of these things represents a bottleneck by which an emergency can cripple access, or an authority or government can leverage power over its citizens. The Decentralized Services network exists to act as a work-around for these problems.

The network will take time to assemble, and it will only be as strong and as effective as there are willing participants. In the meantime, there are several things that local citizens can do now to prepare:

  • Stockpile extra food that has a long shelf-life. 
  • Start a garden and focus on extra food production.
  • Stockpile extra common over-the-counter medications and regular treatments, such as bandages, ointments, and sterilization options.
  • Stockpile extra water, plus a method for producing fresh water, such as a filter or desalinization unit.
  • Acquire secondary methods for heating and cooking that do not require electricity. Stockpile fuel as necessary.
  • Stockpile ammunition for home defense, training, and for trade.
  • Refine or learn a skill that allows you to produce a product or service for trade.
  • Make connections with friends and neighbors: plan and work together to prepare for extreme circumstances.


Having a supply of essential goods listed above, as well as supplemental goods, will not only provide a buffer for members should they experience a lock-out or emergency scenario, but also give them trade goods to put towards the network. 

As member's services and products become available, they can be listed in our catalouge for other members to explore. Those who are growing or producing food and water will be in the highest demand. Other critical services, such as auto repair, plumbing, appliance and eletrical, and various other services will also be sought after. Whenever need arises, transactions between parties can either be conducted here on the website, or in private.

If you have the ability to produce or craft a product, or if you can provide a useful service, please list yourself in our catalouge. Visit the Decentralized Services Network page and sign up.

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