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Born Free But Taxed to Death

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Local Del Norte resident Donna Westfall recently published an article on the Crescent City Times titled "Born Free But Taxed to Death":


The article briefly highlights some of the outstanding issues with Del Norte's tax policies, and plans to explore these matters in future publications, including:

  • The origins of new taxes
  • Exploration of taxation alternatives
  • How and where new taxes are allocated
  • Conflicts of interest with oversight committees


This thread will track Donna Westfall's follow-up publications, and any other relevant publications, and further flesh-out the various taxation problems that haunt Del Norte County.


In my opinion, one the primary tasks set before the residents of Del Norte is to craft an ordinance that will prohibit citizens from serving on an oversight committee if there are obvious conflicts of interest.

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Posted : 14/11/2021 9:05 pm



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