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Del Norte County Supervisors Exploring How to Regulate Public Discourse at Meetings

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On November 15, Diana Bosetti published an article in the Del Norte Triplicate titled "Counties looking at how to handle outbursts".

The article specifically cites that Del Norte County Board of Supervisors Chair Chris Howard attended a meeting with the California State Association of Counties (CSAC). Howard stated that the purpose of these meetings was to discuss:


"There’s been a lot of unrest in the state and a lot of political division...the CSAC body is trying to slowly walk into the discussion of this and how it may or may not influence legislation in the future that addresses some of these concerns"


In essence, Supervisor Howard used local tax dollars to attend a meeting that explored how to legislate new laws to curtail the access and rights of the citizenry that question and challenge the actions of local government in a public forum.


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Posted : 16/11/2021 8:23 pm



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