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Citizens Oversight Committee Meeting 11-19-2021: School Board Retains Authority to Appoint Oversight Members

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Link to the Full Citizens Oversight Committee Meeting on 11-19-2021:


In this meeting, attorney Tom Gauthier claims that school boards have the authority and final say over who oversees and audits them.


Start at 47.10 through 48.58 - Tom Gauthier states, "The legal authority to appoint a [oversight] committee member rests with the school board".


It is then rightly pointed out that to follow this prescription would render the oversight committee dependent to and subject to the school board. Plenty of interesting discussion ensues, and great effort is exerted by the attorney and other board members to avoid and censor proper legal discussion. If you have the time, watch the entire video.


I am unfamiliar with oversight committees, and I have never served on one. This seems like a glaring conflict of interests. It does not seem appropriate to allow a government agency to appoint who oversees and audits them. Far too much wiggle-room for corruption.

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